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About Fred Smith

I'm not a pretty boy.  From living in roach-infested housing and surviving the inner city of Chester, Pa., to scaling 5 enterprise-level upstart companies from $0 to over $100 million in annual sales that grew to multi-billion dollar companies, I've earned my stripes in the urban jungle, to the Marine Corps jungle, to the corporate jungle.

Although I am licensed to talk about and comply with certain legal aspects of business scaling, I'm a college dropout so I have no college degree or entitlement issues; I just have an extremely direct, good old-fashioned "roll up your sleeves and get to work" mindset to get this stuff in my DNA... so I can mentor from experience, versus talking and thinking theory like other people.


And I've made and lost millions just like any real entrepreneur who's been through their fair share of ups and downs in this game.

It was in the Marine Corps where I first learned enterprise-level mass marketing and communication skills, combined with learning beforehand how to sell door-to-door as a direct sales magazine agent for 3 years before joining The Corps that gives me the edge to connect dots and see the unseen.


Now I help small to mid-sized business owners grow their companies faster than they ever thought possible while navigating the common pitfalls of running a business.


While I love to clown and have a good time, when it's time to get transformation in your business it's GAMETIME... and I'm more focused than a German Shepherd intensely waiting for the next command.


I'm not a hard-nosed guy; just candid, direct and extremely results-oriented.  I enjoy meditating, playing golf and living the more esoteric side of life to stay centered, focused, and emotionally connected to my family, myself, and my clients...


... and that's the kind of energy and people I typically attract: spiritual warriors.  Givers in a takers market.

In my world teamwork makes the dream work. And that's the power of