WARNING:  You may get a real brain transplant after joining this Facebook group!

Crenshaw Can! combines all the comprehensive lessons and experience learned from the streets to the boardroom of how to use your mind and body to breakthrough barriers and handle the toughest of conditions to flourish and prosper.

You will learn little-known accelerated learning techniques, how to make your dreams a reality through a step-by-step system, and understanding the different levels of awareness; how to "see the unseen" with laser-like vision.

Fred explains this with simplicity. He will also give you plenty of extensive references so you can select from the buffet of real-world knowledge what interests you the most at this time.
If you only choose one self-improvement group at this time in your life, Crenshaw Can! would be a good choice.  Fred's extensive experience has transformed many upstart companies and individuals from $0 to over 6-figures and beyond...


Fred Smith started his journey 3 days before Thanksgiving in November 1993 to help uplift the human condition and show others how to flourish and prosper.
From 2005 to 2016 Fred scaled 5 enterprise-level companies from $0 to over $100 million dollars in less than 5 years, each company within their respective startup times.

Today Fred runs one of the fastest growing digital consultancies on the planet.

THIS FACEBOOK GROUP is about providing a place for you to learn the mechanics of communication and structuring a mindset that can overcome the typical challenges with growing, scaling, and getting out of your current lifestyle and designing the life of your dreams.

Rules for the group:

>> No promotional posts. This means, you’re not allowed to promote your program or services to the other members here. No livestreaming in the group or "motivational" links or memes to other products or places on the Internet. This is a sacred place for members to connect and we never want anyone to feel like they are being marketed or sold to. We know all the tricks, so all promotional posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be permanently removed from the group.

>> This is not a place to complain! Posts complaining about your current condition, being stuck in life, not taking ownership of your life, or ANY other gripe or moan will be deleted. We recommend different strategies and approaches to handle situations because we have tested TONS of other options and we have found these to be the best choice. Are they perfect? No. Do they work the best for how we've handled life? Yes. It’s your choice whether to use them or not, but this FB group is not a place to complain about your experience with them.
>> Most importantly, celebrate your wins! Lift each other up! Be an encourager. Use this group to connect and support each other. Overly negative posts bring people down and draw their focus away from their goals. If your post or comment is hurtful, rude or disrespectful, it will be deleted.

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